Interaction Animation - Learning the Basics

November 15, 2014 at 14:37

After hearing and reading so much about Material Design over the past year, I decided it was about time I started to teach myself how to create animations. The Web is evolving into a place where every action from a user provokes a reaction from the app. This style comes from the world of Material Design, an style that applies the rules of physics to the Web. One technology that has contributed greatly to the adoption of material design is the SVG, particularly when used in conjunction with JavaScript libraries such as SnapSVG.

Yesterday I downloaded Adobe's 30 day free trial of After Effects and began prototyping some simple Interaction Animations. Unfortunately, the majority of the animations I was working on were relating to upcoming AutoTrader products, meaning I can't share them here.... yet. You can, however, see two examples of simple button interactions I created in my first day of using the software. I hope to be able to practise my animation techniques a lot more and then start bringing some sophisticated SVGs and buttons into this site.

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