My name is Nyle Connolly, I'm a self-taught front-end Web Developer & Designer with a 1st Class degree in Audio Production. I currently work as a UX Developer at Auto Trader, the UK's largest automotive website, seeing over 10.3 million unique users every month.

Working as part of an Agile Development squad, it is my responsibility to write efficient and modular front-end code for an array of different pages that can be seamlessly integrated into the AutoTrader production environment. This means ensuring I make use of the latest Web Standards and perform user-focussed research to create the best experience possible for our users that have access to the latest mobile and desktop Web browsers, and also those users who still use legacy Web browsers.

I began teaching myself HTL & CSS whilst studying at Univeristy in 2012. I built this website as a place for me to share my interests, my portfolio and my progress as a front-end Web developer and designer. The site itself is a completely custom-built CMS I created using (very basic) PHP and MySQL. The front-end of the site was constructed using HTML5, Sass & Compass and jQuery. For this latest version of the site, I decided to use Grunt as my front-end task-runner to streamline the compression and linting of my SCSS and JavaScript, whilst also helping me to minify images and SVGs.

I love what I do, there are an infinite number of new things to discover, develop and implement. New languages, new methodologies, new processes and new techniques. I love the creative challenge of designing an interface that is both functional and beautiful, and then I enjoy the technical task of figuring out how to build it to be as efficient, modular and scalable as possible. The way I see it, every single book, blog post and design or development article I read gives me a multitude of new skills I can use of my next project.